Zurich in a day

zurich-2In this city, many years ago, when enemies attacked, women dressed themselves as soldiers and saved the city from the attackers. In modern days, this city, famous for the ”Swiss bank” and ”Black money” tag, also happens to be a tourist destination. I also heard that the cheapest route to reach Europe is to fly to Zurich.So keep this route in mind when you start booking your tickets.


The Swiss-German, a modified form of German is spoken here. Beautiful and clean city, fresh air, even local trams looking like International trains, oh, my first experience at Swiss is still close to my heart.

It was just a day trip for us to celebrate Valentines day. We took the train from Stuttgart and reached Zurich by 9 am. Being winter, warm clothing was definitely needed. I have been to Swiss during summer and I think its is a lot more prettier at that time. More colorful too 🙂

We joined the Walk tour and moved around this cute city. Very picturesque and pretty !! The biggest clock-face of Europe is here. The roads re winding and just a stroll around the place is such joy.


We took the 24-hour pass and this gives you free ride to the mountain top ”Üetliberg ” nearby and also in the ferry. After the walk tour we did both. In Feb, the mountain was covered with snow and the view of the city from the top looked really nice. Do not miss the ferry ride. It was really relaxing and beautiful. The picture from the ferry ride can be seen to the left.


Try eating the Luxemburgerli at the Sprüngli  shop. These are like French macrons and really yummy. A bit costly, but worth it. Try one or two pieces at least and I am sure you will fall in love with it. I am so addicted to it that every time we pass through Zurich, I run to the shop in the train station and buy a small box for myself 🙂 (Update : This time we flew via Zurich from India and the flight got delayed by an hour. Perfect timing to pick a box full of Sprunglis :-)) This has to be consumed immediately. If you are planning to carry it, they will do a special packing. Else make sure it is stored in a cool place. I picked a box full. I stored them for around 2 weeks in the fridge and they tasted great. You can notice in the below picture that the trays are almost empty. This is the situation in the late afternoon. Good flavors get sold out fast.


Also try the wonderful Swiss chocolates in various cafes and yummy Swiss chocolates.. Yummmyyy !! The below seen coffee shop is a very famous one. People come from all over the world to have their hot chocolate. It was a huge cup, I should say.


Not much to see in Zurich?

The Schaffhausen waterfall near Singen is almost an hour from Zurich. You can drop by if you have more time. It is called the Niagara of Germany. A really mesmerizing waterfall. During summer, you can take a boat that goes very near the falls. A great location for some beautiful pictures. Plus, if you are travelling to Europe, you can have one more country to your list to boast because this falls is inside the German border 🙂

Don’t be disappointed

Swiss is costly, it is a bit over rated. I hear many colleagues saying that Indians are overtly obsessed with Swiss even though you can see better places in Germany and Austria. If you see Swiss in Bollywood movies and expect snow and beauty everywhere, beware. Southern Europe is really hot in the peak summer. A friend of mine was completely disappointed with her Swiss trip as it was really hot and nothing like what she dreamed of. Check the weather forecasts before booking. Try to avoid travelling from May to July. It gets really touristy and crowded.

Swiss is a relatively very safe place 🙂 Have fun at Zurich, people 🙂



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