Iyer’s Kitchen

My grandma is the best cook in our family. Few years back, when she was in the U.S, typically doing what every maami of today does – taking care of grandchildren 😉

Amia, as we all call her, is really fond of U.S, unlike most people who detest their stay, complaining of loneliness. My grandpa made friends with a Chinese elderly couple nearby. They didn’t speak a common language but became awesome friends 🙂

Coming back to my granny’s days in the U.S, she created an awesome recipe book for our family. All credits to my Amia for the wonderful recipes and my aunt Shyamala for compiling them beautifully. This book has been printed many times and photocopied by many many guests who have visited our house.

It has accurate measurements and homely cooking methods. The best part is, the festivals and respective menus are sorted according to the English calendar. :-)Gives you a lot more clarity. Presenting to you- tested, tried and well appreciated Iyer style recipes from my Amia’s kitchen 🙂