I added the review section to my blog just because I wanted to write about this restaurant. i think its a good way to make some good recommendations to people based on my experiences. A super South Indian, pure veg, fine dine, no preservatives used, amazing place. Never fails to lure us with the yummy aroma that only a Coimbatorean who misses Annapurna sambar smell can long for.

It is located in the beautiful town of Esslingen, one place which remains undisturbed after the second world war attack. A walk along the main street toward the Esslingen church gets you to the location of the restaurant. Copper bowl is a simplistic place. Beautifully decorated by Indian art pieces and a very welcoming ambiance.

We regularly hit this place. The good thing is that, they specialize in South Indian menu. We love their dosas and pakodas. The rice meals menu is also a marriage menu 🙂 It has a good variety of options. The food tastes very homely. They are nice enough to make things spicier for the Indian guests who might otherwise find the German-audience-modified food bland. The Mysore masala dosa is my favorite and definitely my recommendation.

I miss Rava dosa in their menu. Something that’s signature Sounth Indian !! May be they will add it to their menu soon. I also wish they have some more sweets.

One of the owners who runs the place has become quite a good friend to most of her customers. She is a very warm lady with great entrepreneurial spirit. Every time I meet her, a flame of inspiration gets kindled for sure. I start dreaming “May be one day, I will quit my automotive job and become a …” The steaming hot pakodas on my table cut my dream short and I am already fighting with my husband and friends to grab a piece 🙂

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